who is this?

Put on your peepers, shake the cobwebs out of your brain
and let's identify these classmates.

Please submit your answers based on the following Row and Left to Right Number:

Bottom Row (l to r): 1 through 15 - #2 Belvia Self #3 Henry Kelly #6 Sherian Bloomfield #7 Elain Burham
Next Row Up (l to r):  1 through 13 - #10 Clay Sawyer #11 Jackie Beach
Next Row Up (l to r):  1 through 15 - #2 Lucille Echohawk #3 Roy Lee Rains #5 Ray Miller #7 Camon Buller #9 Stevie Valencia #12 Carman Tanner #13 Farren Webb #14 Collett Jack #16 Johnny Black
Top Row (l to r):  1 through 18 - #5 Brent Christanson #12 Bob Ford(?) #13 Mary Carol Crawford(?) #14 Ron Gleason**

Where is???  Alice Smith, Kay Manes, Linda Wynn, Gene Stark

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** "Iím #14 on the top row and I want you to know that after doing the minuet in public, it took me ten years to try dancing again.  Ron Gleason"

OK - Here is the last "who is this former classmate?"
Hint:  Started school in Farmington, left at the end of the third grade and then returned for his senior year.

Hint:  Currently lives in Texas and frequently posts on Facebook. 
Has communicated by email with some classmates fairly recently.

Did you guess who this former classmate is?  RON GLEASON

Did you guess who this former classmate is?

#1 - "He left Farmington before the start of our Sophomore year but you should remember him from 8th and 9th grade time frame."

#2 - "Was friends with Richard Burrell and Phillis Easterling in school. Later lived in the Dallas, Texas area and visited with Ralph Neely periodically. Has recently communicated via email with Eddie Belt and Kay Manes-Brown in Farmington."

#3 - "Jay Higgins and his sister Karla were the first friends that I had there. We all moved to Farmington at the same time. I realize that a lot of us were in the oil business and didn't stay forever. But I know that we all had a real fondness for Farmington and all the kids there. We left Farmington and moved back to the family farm in western Nebraska before my Sophomore year. I always missed Farmington and after graduating I moved down there for a few months and roughnecked on an oil rig. I was able to find a few old friends. One of them was Eddie Belt and one was Richard Burrell. He got me lined up with a gal that was a junior in high school. Her name was Pam.  I don't know if you knew her."

Week 1 Hint Week 2 Hint
Week 3 Hint The answer:

You can email him at: or visit his web site at: 

Here is another former classmate.  Can you guess who this is?

Week 1 Hint
This will be the last baby picture used.

Week 2 Hint
6th Grade at Swinburn

Week 3 Hint
Mystery Alumni (on right) at Oscar's in Jr. High

Week 4 Hint
He married Susie Snelling from Hogback

Week 5 Hint
This is their cute baby boy, Roscoe.

Week 6 Hint
Mystery Alumni at 20th Reunion.

Week 7 Hint
Missed the 30th Reunion

Final Hint
Will be at the 55th Reunion

#1 - "He admits he was not too 'popular' in school but believes at least ONE person will remember him out of a Class of 267."
#2 - "He hung out with Bob Breitenstein who he says was his idol".
#3 - "He wanted to play football in Junior High School but his smoking left him too short winded."
#4 - "He states he can't figure out how he got a beautiful and popular girl like Susie to marry him/"
#5 - "We always dress our son Roscoe in the Kelly Green school colors."
#6 - "I attended the 20th Anniversary Reunion but no one bought me a drink, so I left early."
#7 - "I really wanted to attend the 30th Reunion but I had a little run-in with the law and I was attending 'State'; prison that is."
#8 - "Finally got myself all cleaned up and I'm on the road to the 55th Reunion.  Don't have much but can't wait to hug you all."



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Grade school, High School, to current only.  NO baby pictures, please - that's too unfair.

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