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Please help to locate these missing classmates.  In what town did you last hear they were living?  Remarried and using new married name or reverted to maiden name?  Is currently friends with ???? who may know where they are?  Saw an obituary notice in the ???? newspaper on ?date?  Don't have an address but have their email address?  Know where another member of their family lives?  Send ANY information regarding their whereabouts or addresses to the Webmaster.  Ask around and follow-up.  They deserve our efforts.

As of 1-27-12

- Spiers








- Pending confirmation

aka P.A. Blaylock

"Where could they be?"

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If you EVER run across any of these classmates, be SURE you get their contact information and get it to the Webmaster for the Master Roster update.  Don't just say "Hi" and move on without getting their address and email info!!!

Just for your info:  We FOUND the following people from the Missing List in time to invite them to the 50th Reunion.  Thanks to YOU, these important people have been brought back into the Class of 1961 circle.

Denise Baker                                             Barbara Eley-Channell                            Connie Folkes
Carol Fryer-Ruthledge                            Alexander Gavion                                     Octavia Gavion
Henry Kelley                                             Carol Liles-Lumpkins                              Shirley Phillips
Jenada Sadler-Goodwin                            Roy Sadler                                                Leon McMillan, Jr.
Suana McDaniel-Mahon                           Yvonne Merrill                                         Pat Parnell
Darlene Patterson-Johnson                       Sharon Spurlock-Jernigan                      Howard Snowden
Connie Weaver                                           Carolyn Yockey-Leadtka                        Mike Waite
Dean Bass                                                    Linda Wynn-Aikens
                                                     and others are pending address confirmation.

People looking for people from "other years".  
Open to anyone looking for any Farmington High School alumni.

Late 50's Class:  "I went to Farmington High School for a very short time in 1956.  Does anyone out there remember a Lowell Thompson or Lowell Thomas?  E-mail me at  Thanks Shirley Pollard."

Class of 1956:  See list on "Reunion News" page.  E-mail Ginger Jones at or Hope Coslett Pees at

Class of 1957-58: I would like to correspond with old classmates, but I have a terrible memory for last names. If you remember me, contact me and we'll talk.

Class of 1967:  "I've been trying to locate a former classmate of mine.  Her name is Carol Weems.  Would anyone happen to know where she is? " Penny Anderson,"


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