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This page will keep you up to date on the most current Class information that doesn't pertain on other pages.  You may click on the Send e-mail buttone-mail button at any time and send some words for this News Page. Please do NOT  use the Guest Book as a means of sending messages; thanks.

Please use this Site to advise of any change of address or phone/fax/e-mail changes and to report the whereabouts of any missing classmates.  MISSING CLASSMATES are listed on a following page; please help locate them.



I have found e-mail addresses for some other Alumni of Farmington High School from other years.  How about a guy from the Class of 1939 (Mr. B.J. Rhoads)!!!!  I've got some from earlier classes where our brothers and sisters graduated like Larry Neely and Neal Reust; how about Ginger Jones from the Class of '56? Also have some from the Class of '60, '62 (like Sharon Foster-Lane), etc.  Let me know if you want the list or think we should publish it ?!?!

"2011 the next Farmington Odyssey."

Animated picnic scene  NEXT NANISKAD
55th Anniversary Reunion 
  in Farmington 

"Farmington our Alma Mater
Spirits ever bright.
Always loyal to our colors,
Hail the Green and White.

Fight on ever Alma Mater
'Til the game is won.
Sing ye loyal sons and daughters
Hail to Farmington.

High above the busy humming
Of the bustling town.
High above the arc of Heaven
Look she proudly down.

Fight on ever Alma Mater
"Til the game is won.
Sing ye loyal sons and daughters
Hail to Farmington."

Animated marching band

"Victory, victory is our cry
V - I - C - T - O - R - Y
Are we in it, no we're not.
We're not in it, we're on top.

La de dah, our Scorpions are the best.
La de dah, our Scorpions are the best,
La de dah, la de dah, la de dah."

WHAT DO YOU REALLY REMEMBER ABOUT OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS AT FHS? TAKE THIS SCHOOL DAZE QUIZ AND SEE IF YOU KNEW ALL OF THIS WAS GOING ON AROUND YOU?!?! (You will get a grade and it will probably match the ones you got in school!) Click the link:


If you ever attended or worked at FHS, you are invited!  Bring FAMILY & FRIENDS!  Bring YOUR OWN FOOD & DRINKS!!  This is FREE, absolutely no payment to attend!! Judy Dollar Miller and her husband Alan Miller have been doing all the work and set up with some help from friends & family!!  If you are living in the Farmington area & willing to
volunteer to help, please contact Judy on the Facebook Group site or by phone 505-325-2511!!  She will let you know what she needs help with.  We have had so much fun at these since 2009!!  The time changes on this format according to where you are!!  Just remember it is 11 am to 4 pm in Farmington Mountain Daylight Savings Time!!  You may use the invite button at the top right on the Facebook Group page to invite your friends and have them RSVP there!!  Please remember that City ordinances do NOT allow alcohol in City Parks so please do NOT bring alcohol to the park.  Thank you!  Look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday, September 26

at 11:00am - 4:00pm in MDT

Kiwanis Park

3540 E 30th St, Farmington, New Mexico 87402

The Class of 1956 celebrated their 50th year reunion Saturday, September 16 - Sunday, September 17, 2006 in Farmington, New Mexico.
Farmington 1956 website:

Thanks, Tom - what a marvelous Farmington website you have!
Hope Coslett Pees, Seguin, Texas

We need help in locating our missing classmates.  Please email Ginger if you know the whereabouts of any of these people:

John Hodgson (last known address: 3930 Valle Vista Drive, Chino, California 91710); Roselyn Marie Baker; Virginia Palmer Carlson; Derin Carmack; Elizabeth Ann Cheers; James Franklin Coates; Mary Katherine Fisher; Margaret Diane Foelker; Betty Lulu Poe Glover; Ida Rowane Hamblin; Clifford Wayne Haber; Terry Jan Harris; Harold Donald Hatch; Kenneth Lloyd Haynes; Carol Sue Jackson; Susie Pearl Latham; Judy Darlene Lindberg; Helen Adelina Martinez; Benny Joe Moseley; Joanne Nichols; Mary Evelyn Ross; Ross Joel Small; Joan Gay Smith; Alvies Gordon Witt.

We publish a Newsletter every 6 months, and any help locating these classmates would be appreciated. Contact me to get on the mailing list.

REUNION - CLASS OF 1962 REUNION: Jerry Schane - and/or Richard Wortman - - well ... it's now time to start planning for the class reunion for 1962. I guess the first thing to do is to start compiling a list ... so would everyone send ALL THE ADDRESSES thay have of fellow members of the Class of '62 to either one of us at the above e-mail address or by snail-mail (new "word" since we graduated) to: Richard Wortman, 295 East Ella, Corrales, NM 87048. Yes I finally made it "home". Thanks and hope to hear from everyone.


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