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Class of '62:  Lyn (Marilyn) Shuler-Alexander - - What an excellent job you've done with this! Thanks for creating it. The site surely takes me back to...yeah, I'm gonna say it....the good ol' days. Nostalgia galore as I saw the name/pics of all of you.  I have enjoyed my visits to the site and now I would like to add a note to the "other class years" page.  I graduated with the class of '62 as Marilyn Shuler. I now go by my abbreviated name "Lyn" Alexander. Would like to hear from anyone from any of the years.  Nostalgia galore as I saw the name/pics of all of you.

Class of '62:  Jerry Schane - -  CLASS OF '62 POINT OF CONTACT.   I made a comment about your website today and thought I would reinforce it with a WELL DONE personally.  I am the contact for '62 and hope to attend the '61 Reunion also.  We are still trying to establish contact with a lot of our class too.  Your web site is helping a lot of others I am told.  Keep in touch and we will too. 

Class of '62:  Jerry Schane - - Well it's now time to start planning for the class reunion fro 1962. I guess the first thing to do is to start compiling a list. So would everyone send ALL THE ADDRESSES they have of fellow members of the Class of '62 to either Jerry Schane and/or Richard W. Wortman at:

Jerry Schane - and/or Richard Wortman at or, by snail-mail (new "word" since we graduated!) to: Richard Wortman, 295 East Ella, Corrales, NM 87048 (yes I finally made it "home"). Thanks and hope to hear from everyone.

Class of '62:  Sharon Foster-Lane -
Have recently talked to Linda Wynn-Aikens, Jackie Miller-Johnson and others I've seen recently in Farmington.  They ALL liked the idea of Y2K Reunion.  That includes me.  Jackie said "if" you want one of the parks for picnic, she would call the city to reserve it.  Think there are willing hands about so, guess all you 61ers need to do is just say 'GO"!  Will keep in touch via survey to see what sentiment is .... Every time I hear/read the Langston name, I think of this story.  Ohhh, we ARE a jolly bunch!

"Reading Penni Langston's letter reminded me of a funny thing that happened at the last Class of '62 Reunion.  The weekend was the Fourth of July, 1992.  The Girls of '62 had a slumber party at Carolyn Kennedy-Bacon's house on Saturday evening after the class get-together.  There were about 25-30 women there and no one was paying any attention to anything besides catching up on each other's news and the delicious goodies Carolyn had prepared to eat.  The next day, at the picnic, the 'guys' kept asking if we had noticed anything peculiar going on in front of Carolyn's house the night before.  We all said 'no, we were too busy talking and laughing'.  We knew they were dying to tell us something so we finally asked why.  The story goes like this:

Apparently Jimmy Johnson, Jim Langston, and Chuck Amsden decided that they would get some fireworks and set them off in front of Carolyn's house.  The 'guys' thought that all the 'girls' would run outside in their 'negligees' to ooohhh and aaahhh and think they were so wonderful that the 'guys' would be invited inside.  NOT!  Turns out that at 11:30 at night Carolyn has very cranky neighbors and the fireworks had awakened them.  What the 'guys' didn't realize was that the Farmington Fire Marshal lived right next door to the Bacons!  'We're callin' the cops' came the word from one of the houses.  Well, that's all the 'guys' needed.  Jimmy hightailed it for home, a few blocks away, and the others jumped into the car.  'What're we gonna' do with all these fireworks....if we get caught with them, we'll get arrested.'  The old days kick in.  'We'll take 'em out to Chokecherry Canyon'. Welllll, for you folks that have not been back to Farmington in a long, long, long time, ya' don't just 'go to Chokecherry Canyon' any more.  There are paved streets to the turn now and you have to know which street to take.  The 'guys' took their best shot and ended up somewhere that LOOKED like Chokecherry Canyon.  Outcomes the shovels (they had shovels?  Well, of course) dirt starts flying and soon there's a hole that was big enough to put a small truck into. The fireworks display, sadly, was dumped into the giant hole which was quickly covered.  Panting and covered from head to toe with dust, the merry band called it a night, much to their chagrin, without the attention of the 'negligeed girls'.  The last time we saw the 'guys' they reminded us that 'somewhere out in Chokecherry Canyon there's a stash of one hell of a lot of buried fireworks!'  Gee guys, maybe instead of a snipe hunt at the next Reunion, we can do a fireworks hunt........IF you can find Chokecherry Canyon."

Class of '62:  Eva Simkins-Smith - - You have done a wonderful job I really enjoy the site.  This is a wonderful page.  A couple of other names of people who have passed away are Curtis Ransdell Class of '62 and R.L Dovle, Class of '61.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Class of '62:  Gail Riordan-Ames - - It's like running into an old friend.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful site to contact and keep in touch with former friends.  Since we were practically in the same class, it feels like my site, too.  Keep up the good work.

Class of '62:  John Northcott - - Would be interested in a reunion.  Never made it back for anything the Class of '62 may have held.  Being in Alaska makes it a little more complicated, but would be happy to help out in any way that I could.  (Address available upon request).

Class of '62:  Glenda Moffitt-Clancy-Clay-Boggess - - The web site looks great and takes me back a whole lot of years!  The music is great and I appreciate all the work everyone is doing.

Class of '62:  James (Miles) McKinney, Jr. - - Pretty amazing site in my book.  Kudos to those who sepnd the time and effort to keep the site up and running.  Nowhere but amazing old Farmington!  By the way, I was a member of the FHS Class of 1962.  And a very good class it was :-) 

Class of '62:  O'Bryan De Ville - - Great job.  Brings back many memories!  I plan to visit this site often.

Class of '62:  Richard W. Wortman - - Please put me on the mailing list:  223 Coventry Place, Edwardsville, IL 62025, (618) 655-1274 or Art Bronze Casters, 249 Wyandotte, Edwardsvills, IL 62025, (618) 655-1325,  I'm looking forward to a combined class reunion.  Also, I'm in the process of returning to New Mexico .... I'm coming Home!!!  Probably not Farmington because it's not an ART center -- but maybe to Santa Fe which is a short drive.
Hello ... Becky Valencia said you needed help with the reunion. I live in Corrales (Albuquerque) and am planning on coming to the reunion. I have a small pick-up and trailer and can do any hauling and moving of stuff that you need done. Just let me know whatever you need. Thanks.

Class of '63:  Mary Beth Coslett - - Hi to everyone from FHS.  (Second message):  This is a great site!  Great work!  I've enjoyed checking back now and then to see who has found you, and which people you've found.  (Mary Beth provided some missing addresses).  Hopefully the Echohawk address is still current.  I did talk to Cindy Arrington's brother-in-law, Scot Fishburn last week, and this is the correct address for the Arringtons.  John Arrington is flying with one of the airlines, and they have a couple of residences, but La Plata is their home base.  Again, it has been great to hear about all of you upper classmen, and also all of the other FHS'ites.

Class of '63:  Marsha Roberts-Daly - - My class year was 1963.  Your home page is great!  Would you do ours?  :-)  UNM Records Management Center, 1128 University Blvd., NE, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM  87131 (505) 277-3518.  (Second message):  Hi Tommie, I do remember you; cruising down Main Street in one of the coolest cars in town!  :-)  Yes, I knew Andy (Persons)  as he was in my class.  You may remember me from Jim Langston.  I dated him his senior year. Is Ronnie Suitt still in Farmington?  (Can anyone answer this question for her; em her?!?!)

Class of '63:  Jackie Rowland-Davis - - Wonderful.  Keeps all of us up on memories.  Anyone else from '63 out there?  Write me !!

Class of '63:  Terry Hill - - I was in the Class of '63.  Now in Pheonix.  Though I didn't know many of Class of '61, I enjoy the web site.

Class of '63:  Bill Yunker- - A friend told me about it; Great!!!  I think a combination of all those obviously cool classes would be a record setting event.  Think of all the great stories that could come out of this.  A story telling, mixer party should be set aside for an afternoon of outrageous fun.  Let it be!!!  Webmaster, you've come a long way from stealing hubcaps!  (Webmaster note:  "I dun know nuthing"!)  Hang loose and, above all, live large!!!

Class of '63:  Don Tinnin - - This is absolutely and incredibly wonderful.  The Class of '63 needs to find a buff to create one of these.

Class of '63:  Harold Burnham - - Great.  I'm '63 grad married to '64 grad Joyce Banks.  We live in Houston; 6 kids, 3 grandkids.  Life has been good to us.  I would like to hear more about combined Reunion.

Class of '63: Jackie Cunningham-Howe - - What a delight. A privileged treat. Although I am not of this class ('61), I enjoyed. Thanks!

Class of '64:  Marge Lessentine-Robert -

Class of '64:  Tim Seifried -

Class of '64:  Becky Madden-Fruman - - Gail is right - it is like running into 'an old friend.'  I found this and the FHS page completely by accident yesterday and can't stay away.  It is wonderful - and you have done/are doing a great favor to all of us!  I wish some of the other classes were as well represented - or even represented at all.  I am out-of-touch with almost everyone, so I can't volunteer or be volunteered or I probably would.  PLEASE keep it up - I learned and read about many 'older' friends today and it was oh so very nice. 

Class of '65:  Mary Ruth Kirk - - Hi.  I graduated from Farmington High School in 1965.  I would really like to get in touch with some of them from that class.  Please include the class of 1965 (in the combined reunion).

Class of '65:  David Gaylor - - Looks great.

Class of '65:  Butch King - - My aunt Sheridan Smith told me about the Class of '61 web page.  So here I am, just looking around and remembering the good OLE' day's in Farmington.  It's been a long time since I've been back, but hope to travel on business in that direction in the near future.  Another Scorp. 

Class of '65:  David Weir -

Class of '65:  Bill Pope - - I have been following the old FHS home page for over a year, and have had a lot of fun talking to old friends.  This new page is a welcome addition.  I look forward to mail and news from anyone from FHS.  (Second message):  I'm not sure if there is a 1965 class spokesman.  If there is, I would appreciate someone letting me know who it is.  Thanks for you work on this page and in getting us together.

Class of '65:  Ernie Ellis Groff (female)  - - I graduated in 1965 and just put myself in the alumni list.  Vicki (the Webmaster's younger sister)  and I were friends in the 6th grade.  I lived on the corner of Cooper and Santiago and Vicki lived just over a couple of streets and north.  (I can't remember the name of her street -- hopefully it isn't an age thing!)  I will contact Vicki.  I lost touch with her after you both moved to California.

Class of '65:  Rob Foss - - This is super!  The question remains, when will someone who is better connected to the past than I, begin one for the Class of '65?

(Editor's Note:  I guess Rob answered his own question!  GO NOW and check out the new FHS Class of 1965 Website)
Inspired by your excellent site, I have decided to create one for the Class of 1965.  The beginnings are at  I'd appreciate it if you would post this note in the Other Class Years section.

Class of '65:  Linda Bullard-Johnson - - Thanks!  I would have graduated in 1965.  If you are Tommie Vaughn, I went to school with your sister, Vickie.  In fact, I attended at least one slumber party at your house.  I would also like to know if the William Driscoll you are searching for (he has since been found) was ever called Bill.  I had a real good friend by that name but don't remember if he was Class of '61 or '62.  My confusion arises from the fact that he told my mother at his graduation that he was going to become a priest.  My parent's owned the "Lucky 7" drive-in restaurant.  It only existed for a couple of years, but it was fun while it lasted.  (That is where I knew Bill Discoll from).  Kay Dean Plumlee (Class of '61) worked for my mother (as did I).  I remember Kay Dean used to smoke cigars.  In fact, I have a picture of her (somewhere?) at the counter of the Lucky 7.  Oh, one more thing; thanks to your Class web site, I have been in touch with Ernie Ellis from the Class of '65.  I live in Texas (close to Fort Worth) and she lives in Norman, Oklahoma; we are talking about meeting half-way for a little reunion.  Small world, huh?!?!

Class of '65:  Laura Harrison-Hines - - Congratulations!  This site is great!  I heard about from television, found the links, and then found the 1961 site too. What a cool web page.  I spent hours looking through all the years, and messages from everyone.  You have done a great job!  Thanks.  Just one question ... why do we all look so old?  I hate that!  I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  I would love to hear (read) from some of my old classmates.  I'll keep my eye out for Chargers "stuff" for the Webmaster.

Class of '66:  Dennis J. Wood - - I only went to school at Farmington in 62-63 then moved to Texas where I was originally from.  Would like to find classmates of Class of '66 who knew me.

Class of '66:  Linda Anderson-Zachary - - This is just wonderful!!!!  I have really enjoyed your site and look forward to "looking in" from time to time.  If you are ever in Texas, look me up!

Class of '66:  Dennis J. Wood - - I only went to school at Farmington 62-63 then moved to Texas where I was originally from.  Would like to find Classmates of Class of '66, Thank you.  Woody.

Class of '66:  Sherrill Smith - E-mail address: - I enjoy stopping by occasionally just to see if I remember anyone.  You won't remember me because I moved to Farmington during Christmas break, by 9th grade; however this vast age difference doesn't keep me from enjoying your page!  I just spent an enjoyable time visiting all the subjects - the music, the photos, everything comes together so nicely.  Thanks for the memories.  Second message (9/3/99):  Well I give up...I can't get the Class of '66 as interested as I expected and since you have a great 2001 reunion already planned, I think I'll just suggest everyone "crash" your picnic!!  T2K multi was a good idea, but I think that's about all it will remain - an idea.  Thanks for all the Webmaster's work on this and I hope you 61ers have a great time at your reunion.

Class of '67:  Penny Lee Andersen - - Great website!   

Class of '67:  Ann Grover-Maag - - Great! I wonder where the Class of 1967 is?

Class of '67:  Mary Richardson-Burke - - How exciting this is!  I left FHS in my Junior year, would have graduated in 1967 -- still miss the town and the wonderful school ... I have heard it has changed so much.  Many memories there good and bad.  Thanks for letting me into your website even though I am not of '61.

Class of '67:  Penny Andersen - - Hi, I'm Penny Andersen, Class of '67.  You have a great website.  I wish my class had thought of it.  I'm an attorney currently living in El Paso, Texas.  I've been trying to locate a former classmate of mine.  Her name is Carol Weems.  Would anyone happen to know where she is now?

Class of '68:  Linda Fowler-Turner - - One of the statements made on the Classmates web page was that other classes were welcomed.  I am from the Class of '68 and after reading some of the responses on the classmates webpage, it was nice to see another old timer.  I find your web page very well done and will be checking in on you from time to time.

Class of '69:  Barbara Ojanen Biffle - - Hello to everyone from Farmington High.

Class of '71:  Gary Diamond- - Just wanted to say hello to all the great alumni of good ole' FHS!  Especially any of the grads from Class of "71".  I just happen to be on the net and thought I would try a search to see if there happened to be a site for Farmington High School and was totally delighted to find this site!  My sister Beverly graduated with the Class of '69.  She is living in Hobbs, NM with her family.  I am now living in San Antonio, TX with my wife Colleen and 3 girls, Reri, 11, Kristen, 10 and Sarah 7 years old.  I would love to hear from anyone as I have pretty well lost contact with most of my classmates over the years.  I think the site is awsome!  Cheers!

Class of '72:  Joe Jamison - - Well as you probably would have guessed, it was the greatest year for Scorp football, only by then I had decided being a jock wasn't cool ... threw away a scholarship according to Coach Mascarenas ... alas ... it was 1972.  This is a great site.  Keep up the good work, and as always ... Go Scorps.

Class of '72:  Don Sacks - -  What a great website!  It'swonderful to see that the aumuni spirit of good old FHS is alive and well!  Scorpions Forever!

Class of '73:  Deborah Lamb -

Class of '77: Chuck Alberson - - Just wanted to say hi from Las Cruces High School Class of 1977. God bless you for all your efforts.

Class of '82:  Bobby Simmons - - Hey to all from FHS.

Class of '86:  Michelle Benavidez -

Class of '86:  Gail Darby-Sorrels - - So far, so good.  Keep it up!

Class of '89:  Valerie Duran - - Love the site.  Looks GREAT.  I'm from Farmington also.  Miss it terribly.  Now in Albuquerque.  :(  Hi there 1989.

Class of '89:  Gregory P. Miller - - CLASS OF '89 POINT OF CONTACT.  Our Class of '89 website is moving and will be hosted on my personal webpage at  Also see personal website at


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