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January 9, 2005:  I am seeking any information at all about Meridee Foutz Wynn; Meridee died a few years ago and I am trying to obtain a copy of her obituary.  Hope Coslett Pees.

Class of '51:  Ted Leonard - - John Paul Draper, who was in my class sent me your address. We just had our 50th Reunion in May and it was a great experience. I had only made the 30th before this one and it was great to see so many of the old classmates. Of course, there are some that are hard to recognize as I was to them. I am now retired and live in Las Vegas. What a life!! Since you were ten years after me, I probably don't know many of you unless you were old time Farmington residents and I would know your parents.

Class of '53:  Dwayne Butler - - From the great Class of 1953.  Remember the first and only FHS State Football Championship?  That was the senior class of '53.  I live in the Great Northwest, a small town just outside of Seattle ... I'll watch your web site now that I have the address.  Would love to have some em addresses of the "old" team-mates of '53.  It would do this old man good.  Thanks, old #85.  (Second message):  Hi, I know I am one of the old men in this group, but my suggestion would be to publish the e-mail list.  I would like to see if there are long lost friends listed.

Class of '55: Donald Phelps - - Thanks for including the older guys. Currently living in Tunica County, Mississippi. Still gambling, drinking and driving fast. Best regards to all.

Class of '56:  Hope Coslett Pees - - So marvelous to discover this page.  A masterful job ... and it will be good to "keep up" with all of the news of Farmington High School students (even if you are young, young, young!)  It is so gratifying to know that you have this site on the internet and we are "making contract" with former classmates.  Your site is easy to navigate . . . and the information and photos about Farmington alumni is most interesting.  Even though I graduated earlier than you, I appreciate you including messages and addresses of classmates from other years.  Sequin, Texas.  Here is Web Site to check out:
Because of your great Farmington Website, I've been able to get in touch with quite a few former classmates. Thank you.
Have posted some Farmington snapshots on my Website: (Send e-mail to Hope for Password). Looking forward to our 1956 class reunion in September 2001; hoping that everyone who can attend will be there. It will be a good time. Thanks again for making your site accessible to all of us Farmingtonians; it is so good to get in touch with everyone and keep up with the news of former classmates. Since I had a younger sister and brother who attended Farmington High, I even recognize some of the names from other years.
Enjoyed visiting the Class of 1961 site . . . and am absolutely astonished that the "lady in red" looks exactly the same in 2001 as she did in the 1996 class photo. What Youth Elixir is she using? I want some! Thanks for making this site available for all of us!
You may want to delete my earlier messagaes (for I've written too many!) -- but if you can, would you put the following "Search Message" on your site. We are searching for the following 1956 Classmates; hoping to find them before our 50th Reunion which will be in 2006 -- unless we have a reunion before then. Thank you for all you do. (Webmaster note: List of missing classmates is on the "
Reunion News" Page of this Website.)

Class of '56:  Carl Ikard - - I am an 1956 graduate and enjoyed the web site and please include me.

Class of '56:  Suzy Burton-Coulter - - Great job on the site.  I love hearing about all the Farmington students.  We are having a reunion next year.  I'm willing to do whatever it takes.  Hear that Ginger?  Just call.  My sister and two brothers are also Farmington alumni, as are my cousins.  Can't wait to see you all!!! 

Class of '56:  Ginger Jones-Fountain - - CLASS OF '56 POINT OF CONTACT.  Hi, I am Ginger Jones Fountain graduate of FHS 1956, presently my class is planning our 45th reunion for 2001.  I have been sending a "SCORPIO TALES"  Newsletter to my classmates plus some from other classes for about a year and a half and plan to continue this until our reunion.  I have had a pretty good response from my class and it is helping to get everyone who is participating caught up on the in-between 1956 to now times in our lives.  I have some photos taken at our 40th reunion for several classes.  I think they are 1955- 56- 57- 58 and only Joy Horton and Doug Brack from 1959.  These photos only have the members of those classes that were present for our reunion.  No we don't have a home page but I am interested in how to go about doing it.
Class of 1956 REUNION.  We had the Planning Meeting.  Reunion Date Set for September 21, 2001.  Tentative format - Friday night, sign-in, etc.  Saturday night - Dinner/Dance.  Sunday - Brunch.  Format is pending - checking out where?  cost?  etc., Details to follow later contact Ginger at e-mail address above for more info.

re Carolyn Ford-Wilson - Sent November 26, 2000:  "Our dear friend and classmate Carolyn is dying.  She has been moved from the hospital in Tucson to St. Mary's hospice and doctors say she probably only has a matter of hours.  Both of her sons and her little grandson have been with her for the past couple of days, but Lee, the younger, has had to fly back to Hawaii.  She is mostly unconscious, they say, and in no pain.  Ultimately, it is her lungs that are shutting down and hastening her death.  I spoke with her on Thanksgiving morning.  That may have been her last lucid moment, so I am very grateful I had the chance to tell her that I love her.  I'll let you know when the end comes.  God bless her".

re Carolyn Ford-Wilson - Sent November 27, 2000:  "Carolyn Ford-Wilson, 1941-2000.  Carolyn died peacefully yesterday at 7:30 pm in Tucson.  Her son Dean was with her and sadly, so was her 88-year old mother, Dorothy.  Dean said "It's terribly difficult watching your mother die, but it is far more difficult to watch your grandmother watching as her daughter dies."  Cremation is to take place today, I understand, to be followed by a private family service.  On Friday, Jan Sheafe, Susan Gattis, Rita McDonald, Sherry Carson, Margaret Bellmaine and I will gather in Tucson for a service of our own in which Carolyn's life will be celebrated and we will bring closure to a friendship that began in seventh grade.  I will pass on any additional information I think you might want -- including the addresses of Carolyn's mom and two sons.  Thank you for all your prayers and concern.  She fought as best she could.  Only seven months passed from the time of diagnosis until her death.  I miss her terribly".

Class of '56:  Shirley Pollard - - Enjoyed reading e-mails.  I went to Farmington High for a very short time in 1956.  Does anyone out there remember a Lowell Thompson or Lowell Thomas(?) that went to FHS in the late 1950's?  If so, please if you know him or his whereabouts, e-mail me.

Class of '56:  Art Viles - - Love it!!  Keep up the good work.

Class of '56:  Art Grabeel - - In your notes you made reference to the death of Pat Poage. Would his brother be Jimmy Poage, Class of '56? Jimmy was a friend of mine during high school and if you know an e-mail address or some way to contact him, I would appreciate the information. Thank you for any info you might have.

Class of '56:  Patricia J. Simmons Price - - You are amazing. I love this page and check it out very often to see who is new on the list. I love your web site, you have done a wonderful job and I hope you continue for a long time. Thanks.

Class of '57:  Betty Simpson-Watson - - It is wonderful.  I am Class of 1957.  This is wonderful to find others from Farmington High.

Class of '57:  Larry Campbell - - This is super.  I am from the Class of 1957.  I hope others will find this and renew old friendships.

Class of '57:  Michael J. Archuleta - - Thanks for the connection!  3060 6th Avenue, #6, San Diego, CA  92103.  (619) 291-5552. We would be very interested in attending a combined reunion, but Michael doesn't know the name of the contact person for the Class of '57.  His brother Anthody (Tony) Archuleta lives in Farmington, and he may know the person.  What about contacting Farmington High School to see if they have all the contact persons for all classes?  Nice website.

Class of '57:  Carol Harper-Simpson - - Thanks for the updates.  We are highly interested in the reunion to take place in 2000.  Please keep us posted on the news.  Richard Simpson is Class of '58 and Carol Harper-Simpson is Class of '57.  Thanks for your efforts.

Class of '58:  Gwen Speer-Clouthier - - I heard from Ray Horvath that the Class of 1961 had a cool website and I then got an e-mail this morning from Ginger Jones-Fountain, Class of '56.  I was Gwen Speer way back when, :-)  After graduation in 1958, I went to UNM and then taught school in Albuquerque for a year before I got married and moved back to Farmington.  Charles has just retired after owning Farmington Drug for 41 years...our partner was Don Keith, Class of '58.  We have twin sons who are grown - one lives in Boise and the other in Dallas.  I have mostly done volunteer jobs in the community.  (Webmaster note:  Gwen then provided addresses and/or leads on missing Class of '61 friends).  Keep up the wonderful work.  I just wish the Class of '58 was as organized as you!  I see Barry Sigmon often and I'll brag on the 'with it' Class of '61.
I am impressed with the Website; it is terrific.  Think I can get addresses for some of your "missing".
 You would be amazed at how often I hear about the Class of '61's Web Site and how complimentary everyone is.

Class of '58:  Frankie Ann Simmons-Martin - - Glad to have this and for allowing everyone from FHS to join in.  Thanks.

Class of '58:   Richard Simpson - - Thanks for these updates.  We are highly interested in a reunion.  Please keep us posted on the news.  Richard Class of '58, and Carol Harper-Simpson is Class of '57.  Thanks for your efforts.

Class of '59:  Lynn Buckingham - - You guys are too-o cool!  This (web site) is just wonderful.
This is Lynn Buckingham '59 sending thanks to those responsible for this website. I can't wait to see those reunion photos you promise on Aug. 25. I write from Placitas, N.M., where I have been living for the past four years. I am married to the "great love of my life" whom I dated intensely in the mid-1960s and with whom I had lost contact for some 30 years. His name is Bart Holaday, an Air Force Academy grad and now a retired venture capitalist who joins me in my love for New Mexico, for travel and for adventure. Speaking of which: Just recently I attended a reunion in Vancouver, B.C., with Jan Sheafe, Margaret Bellmaine, Susan Gattis and Sherry Carson. We remembered with great affection our dear friend, Carolyn Ford. We laughed a lot and celebrated our respective 60th birthdays by taking an eight-wheeled ATV up the side of Whistler Mountain. Our very buff, heavily testosteroned, thrill-seeking 25-year-old driver thought we were cute. He started calling us the Starlight Sisters. Can't imagine why.
Lynn Buckingham Holaday '59 just reportinga change of email address. My new address is It is such fun, truly, to browse through the entries and to read about all the children and the thousands and thousands of grandchildren continuing to emerge from that FHS gene pool. (I have contributed only two to the grandchild numbers ... but don't feel that I'm finished yet.) I was in Farmington in December 2001 to help my mom celebrate her 85th birthday; ran into Jerry Neely and wife Judy at the supermarket. I see John Loehr quite a lot. He truly is a force of nature.

Class of '59:   Rod Phillips - - I have been back in Farmington for past 5 years after 30 years of wandering.  I am building homes and commercial buildings.  When I was in the 12th grade, I had some electives and chose to go back and take some classes with your class ('61), so as I was browsing through your class, I found several members I will try to get in touch with.  Thank you for your neat web site!!!!!

Class of '59:  Susan Gattis - - Terriffic site.  I was Bobbie Gattis' wife.  He died of cancer June 11, 1995.  I'm doing great and am in contact with all the girls from the Class of '59.

January 12, 2005:  It is with great sorrow that I report that Susan Gattis (Class of '59) passed away from cancer, January 11th, 2005.  A rich and full life, beloved by her family and many, many friends.  Take care, Dave Bradley

SUSAN MARIE GATTIS - Susan Marie Gattis of Mission Viejo, California passed away January 11, 2005 at age 63. Susan is survived by daughter Jennifer Angle of Alexandria, Virginia and son Rob Gattis of Ladera Ranch, California and three grandchildren. Services will be held at 3:30pm, Saturday, January 15, 2005 at Presbyterian Church of the Master, 26051 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, California 92692. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to American Cancer Society by calling 800.277.2345 or Presbyterian Church of the Master at the above address.
Published in the Orange County Register on 1/14/2005.

Class of '59:  Myron C. Taylor -

Class of '59:  Richard Rose - - I know that I'm not from your class but just want you to know that you have done a nice job!!!

Class of '59:  Michael E. (Mickey) Rouse - -  I'm glad that "61" has this website.  I only wish that "59" would do something similiar.  Keep up the good word.

Class of '59: Lonnie Weynandt - - I didn't graduate from Farmington High. I attended in 1957-58 but moved to California. I would like to correspond with old classmates, but I have a terrible memory for last names. Really miss the old Farmington. Have many great memories.

Class of '59: Terry and Judy (Loyd) Belz - - Thanks for a GREAT Website.

Class of '59: Larrie Wright - - Well, McCool was right. What a web sight?! Real cool. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to barge in on your reunion last year but I'm finally back in Farmington; couldn't leave fast enough years ago and couldn't get back fast enough. Maybe I'll get a chance to see or hear from some of you.

Class of '60:   Judy and Ron Eubanks-Jennings - - CLASS OF '60 POINT OF CONTACT.  "I am going to write this letter in a hurry tonight or I will put it off.  Our Class of 1960 is having a REUNION, September 30-31, 2001.  I know what you mean about good intentions - Beverly Brothers-Robinson works for us and she, Ronny and I have tried to get the second letter going for awhile.  We just completed our annual trailer show - so hope to get started this week.  Any of you Classmates from '61 who want to join us let us know.  We are going to the Country Club Wednesday with Ida Mae to complete the plans.  We are having a mixer on Friday; Dinner and Banquet on Saturday, and Sunday a Picnic.  All to be held at the Country Club and of course, "60's" music will be in the background.  All of us seem to be busier than we were when our kids were growing up - or maybe we are slower - in any case we are lagging behind.  Time is near!  Ronny has had two back surgeries and I had gall bladder surgery in February and March.  He and I have kept the hospital in pocket change.  I feel really bad about Bobby Russell.  He sent me a nice letter and picture of his family several months ago and I have never responded (Hi Bobby!).  If you talk to Bobby, let him know I haven't forgot about him.  Also, do you know how to get in touch with Sandy Persons - She is still missing.  If you don't mind to pass the word along, Donnie Templeton died this month (May, 2000).  His mother called my mother to let her know.  I talked to Sus, his sister for awhile on the phone.  He died from alcoholism, so sad.  He was very intelligent - just had a lot of pain.  Ronny and I bought his brothers' part out of the business about three years ago and all we have done is work, remodel, and work some more.  We are looking forward to getting our classmates together for a fun time.  We always have a great time together.  Bud Averett came in the store the other day and said John O. (Carothers) was coming and that he had never married, can't really picture that?!  Ronny and I have been married 39-1/2 years.  Have three daughters, 38-36- and 31. We have seven grandchildren ages 20-16-14-12-9-3-1/2-5 months.  We love them all and enjoy our family (most of the time).  Well I need to sign off and get some bills paid tonight.  This letter is hard to read, I hope all can read it."

Class of '60:  Ron Bennett - - Great website, do you think Class of '60 has anything?  Best regards to those who remember me, you were great friends!  

Class of '60:  Richard Champion - - Hi Class of '61, thanks for the e-mail.  Your web page looks good and you have a good idea.  I'm Richard Champion, Class of '60.  Keep up the good work.  I'll look in on you now and again and maybe contribute once in awhile.  I cannot believe I'm the old man pictured on my home page.  I have been reading some of the messages in the newsletter from our classmates.  I even remember some of them but I was just a year ahead of you guys from the Class of '61.  A lot of water has flown over the dam since graduation.  I started college, quit and went into the Air Force.  A little time in Vietnam, a little time with the Washington Senators minor league baseball team.  Got married, had three kids; a girl and two boys.  The boys played minor league baseball; one 8 years with the Atlanta Braves organization, the other with the Minnesota Twins.  They all have college degrees and I even went back to school and received my degree.  I'm a part-time scout for the Phillies organization and full-time Reast Estate Agent in Oregon.  Check out my Web Page at  If anybody remembers me, drop me a line and let's chat.

Class of '60:  Pamela Burton-Knapp - - Your web site is great.  I was just glad to see anything about Farmington.  The last time I looked, there was very little at all -- how is Yvonne Yunkers?

Class of '60:  Joel Horton - - Keizer, Oregon.

Class of '60:  Gary (Pat) Porter - - Its been a lot of years since San Diego, too many to count.  I'm a friend of Lorra's (Babcock), you may remember me as Pat, please email me the Class of '61 web address, also do you know if the Class of 60 is having a shindig this September, if so the date?  I'm retired now from being self employed as a landscaper.  I have lived in Washington State since '64 in the Seattle area.  I have 2 sons, 2 stepsons, and 2 daughter-in-laws soon to be three this September.  One granddaughter, age 7 and one grandson due in November this year.  We have 2 sons here in Washington, one in Portland, Main and one in Virginia so we are coast to coast.  Lorra was here in July.  We got together for lunch at our home, had a great visit, its good to see old friends.   

Class of '60:  Ilene Crawford-Howard - - I really enjoyed hearing from the Class of '61.  You have a great page.  I'm a member of the 1960 class.  Keep me posted!  Thanks for the updates.  I'd like to see a reunion of 1959 to 1963, and Labor Day would be fine.  I believe the 1960 class was thinking of having ours on Labor Day.

Class of '60:  Janice Hall-Russell - - Great!  We loved seeing news of olde (not to be confused ithe OLD!) friends.  We have recently moved, so have a new home address now.

Class of '60: Nedra Neff-Shumway - - Looks really nice.

Class of '60:  Jim McCool - - I am new to this Internet stuff, so please excuse my ignorance.  John O. (Carothers) told me how to get in touch - fantastic job on the Alum Page.  Will you please send me the list of FHS '61 e-mail addresses?  If this is ridiculous request, like asking you to send me latest Tom Clancy novel in its entirity, just tell me.  PS. I kind of enjoy the Chargers also.  Jerry Jones and the Boys are so serious about everything, they have taken a lot of the fun away from following the Cowboys.  (Second message) Thanks for the e-mail list.  Please keep me informed on the upcoming reunion.  A combined reunion sounds very exciting.  One heck of a lot of effort is being put into this and it is appreciated.

Class of '60:  Neal Reust - - Don't mind receiving your input, but please correct my address.  We have switched to a new ISP.  Mail sent to the old address will be forwarded.  New email address is above.  Have you visited the website  It's worth having a look.  (Editor's Note:  Link to is on the Links page).

Class of '60:  Mary Ann Bruss-Sellers - - It is fun seeing names from the past.  Looking forward to Class of '60 reunion next year.

Class of '60:  Kevan Smith - - Sorry to intrude on the Class of '61 Guestbook, but I couldn't resist after seeing comments from so many classmates.  I can't believe someone from '61 has come up with a better idea than someone from the Class of '60?!?!  But, we're all too busy making the world a better place, I guess, just like we always knew we would.  Besides, we're old.  Thanks to you Webmaster, for providing a great gathering place.  And, Bud, I know your problem.  I am also being mistaken for Robert Redford -- or else Robert Bennett, Senator from Utah.  (I hope you never see his picture). 

Class of '60:  Sue Robinson-Arnold -  Just wanted to let you know what a REALLY GREAT job you have done on this web site. I have spent the last 2 hours just reading all the news about classmates. I still keep in touch with some of the classmates and it so great. Most of the girls remember me as Eddie Robinson's sister but "oh well", I had a life too.  I'm back in Farmington and have been for almost 10 years (boy how time flies).  My mother and step-father (Jerry and Jimmy Wilson's dad) live here also. I have a daughter and son-in-law and 4 grandchildren that live in Kirtland and the other 2 daughters live close and have my other 5 grandchildren.  It was nice to move back here after my divorce and have friends and family close by.  Hello to all !!!  Let's hear from some of you that remember me OR my brother.  

Class of '60:   Mike Lively - - Great website guys, congratulations.


Coach Royce Henry - - John Carothers contacted me and sent the Web Site. You just can't imagine how much I have enjoyed it. Many of the members of the Class of '61 were the first students I ever taught and are very special to me. I have often wondered what happened to many of you. I am still exploring the site and am really enjoying it. How sad it is that so many have passed away. I remember nearly every one of them.



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